What are Battle Cards?

Tactical insights on spatial computing, content and commerce.

The idea eats the entrepreneur. Good execution eats everything else.

Startups = speed of execution
Faster execution = more chances of mistakes
To Avoid mistakes = read and learn

Reading more is not the same as being better. Applying your learnings is key. If you do not know how to join the dots, you're just left with the canvas, no matter what.

I began to note down the key learnings from everything I read that I found useful. Through the coming decade, I seek answers to one profound question:

How computing, content & commerce might evolve in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Ever since the acquisition of my startup, Scapic, I’ve been looking at how immersive technologies will shape the future. There is a lack of pointed, tactical advise for founders, entrepreneurs and product managers operating in the Deep-Tech space.

Battle Cards is a newsletter about ideas, principles and actionable insight into what goes behind building products on the bleeding edge. The goal is to highlight the non-obvious things that would help you build better.

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